About Savuth

Savuth has been providing top notch tuk tuk services to tourists for many years now. He is in his mid-forties, married and has four lovely young children, two boys and two girls, between 4 and 12 years old. At the beginning of the Khmer Rouge regime Savuth was a young adolescent. Like all of his fellow Cambodians, Savuth witnessed and experienced first-hand the horrors of that period. And like most of his countrymen, his determination, unbending spirit and faith helped him to triumph over those tragedies.

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About Leonard

During my first trip to Siem Reap in October of 2007, Pit Savuth was my tuk tuk driver for six days. We became friends so when he asked me to help him with a website I did it gladly. In the meanwhile, I have been back to visit Cambodia and Savuth's family in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013. I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

You can contact me on angkortuktuks [at] gmail.com or via the CONTACT page.

Legal mumble jumble

This site is for informational purposes only. The information and prices are subject to change without notice and are given as indications only due to the volatile prices of petrol and foodstuffs in Cambodia. The website is not a business venture but rather a hobby, my way of helping out Savuth and his family and a couple other mates of Savuth and their families. And its my small way of helping first-time visitors to Siem Reap have as great, memorable and moving an experience as I had.


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